Sunday, December 16, 2007

Still wearing my orthopedic boot!!!!

Well, I guess I'm just doomed! My foot from the sugery in November isn't healing correctily. So I will be wearing this boot until I see a SECOND OPINION ORTHOPEDIC FOOT SPECIALIST in mid January..... He's been highly recommended by 3 of my other doctors. I just hope he will take on my case..... I've been hobbling along since summer from the first surgery. Then to have it turn out WORSE from the second surgery in November just put me to tears! Keep me in your prayers that the new specialist will be able to help!


Adelle said...

so sorry to hear this Peggy. YOu're just gonna have to create some paper-crafted boot covers to change with your moods :)

ayah said...

Peggy, this news is just terrible! I'm so sorry to hear you are no better after what you went through with the recent surgery.