Monday, February 21, 2011

Aloha from Hawaii

Forgive me for no photos.... I left so fast I forgot my cable To upload my pictures with! You'll have to wait till later in March wHen I return!
I have been here helping my daughter-in-law who broke her ankle. She is finally able to use A walking boot to get around. So that makes Us all happy! I have had the opportunity to be with Ayden and Connor so that has been wonderful! I have played more Wii than in a long time!
I can't tell you how beautiful the scenery is. So many coconuts in the trees. Beaches are fabulous! If you have never been tell your hubby's you want to go! This is my third trip and I tell you it is never regretted to see Hawaii.
I have missed making cards though I did luck upon cheap ribbon here. Yea so bought several
Rolls. I was able to find it for 50 and 100 yards on the spools for $4. How great is that! So I was happy!
I have been lucky to win a few candy giveaways. Yea! That has been exciting and made up for not getting to craft.

Pictures will be uploaded When I return.