Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In a few more hours I get my ortho boot off and stitches out!!!! WHINING.... IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!! UPDATE!!!!!

You can't imagine how exciting something this LITTLE means to me! I've been so looking forward to this! My foot is still soooo sore and I'm still not convinced this has fixed the problem. I hate sounding optimistic. So we will see. Let's just say I can't yet imagine how I'm gonna walk out of the office tomorrow without the help of the ortho boot still. ouchy. Keep me in your prayers things will heal right his go around!

Well, I saw my doctor and stitches came out, but my boot still has be be worn for another probably 3 weeks or so... Oh me oh my! I'm whining! My foot was sooo black and blue when he was unwrapping the dressing. And it is very sore, so I guess it is meant for a reason to keep wearing the boot! I just want this surgery to be my last!

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Debbie G said...

I sure hope it did what it was suppose to Peggy! Maybe you will get some more time off work. he he .. I will be thinking of you!