Saturday, July 14, 2007


What a day....... We got up early today and headed out with Chad and Brooklyn to New Orleans for the day. We were in search of some New Orleans prints for our spare bedroom. Will we ever be done setting up this new house? Hopefully we are about to be complete! Oh what fun it is to be in the French Market area! We parked at Jack's Brewery and set out in hopes of some prints! After what felt like miles of walking and lots of bargaining we managed to come home with 3 new framed prints! whoooppeee. The rain got us as we were about to set out for the car. We did manage to stop off at Veteran's Blvd. for some New Orlean's Seafood on the way home. And what do you think I found???? A NEW JOANN's ARTS AND CRAFTS STORE!!! WHOOOPPPEEEE.... I will certainly be making another road trip back soon to New Orleans. Had Brooklyn not had to be back for work so soon, I'd of hit it today! Oh well..... another day. sigh...... The prints are on the wall and look great! I think I'm ready for a quick nap! tootles....

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