Saturday, August 21, 2010


I just returned home from having Neck Disc surgery to repair a fusion that had broken.  All went well and I'm glad to be back home.  I had a ton of pain the first day of surgery and finally was able to get it under control...  I hope to do well with recovery period now.  But will sure miss doing crafting. So if you don't see much from me for a week or two that is why. 
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

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Danielle Champagne said...

Hello Peggy, first of all, thanks for your sweet words on my blog. it gave me a chance to come and visit, however, I am sad to learn that you just had surgery; hope you will recuperate promptly, and that pain will go away so can return to crafting, I enjoyed looking at your nice work, your card for Diana is very lovely.
Take care.