Monday, March 10, 2008


Surgery was last WEDNESDAY for me again..... I'm doing MUCH better now. After lots of elavating my foot I finally woke up today with my numbness gone in the leg and foot! Much better now! It is very sore to walk on it, but that is all just part of the healing process. Most of you know this was SURGERY #3 for me on the same foot for the same problem! My new doctor is wonderful and I think this surgery will do the trick! The damaged nerve is now gone that should of been taken care of in the first surgery. (we won't even go there!) So I'm just concentrating on getting well so I can get back into my walking routine in our neighborhood!
Spring is in the air and I'm READY! Thanks everyone for your prayers! Hugs..... Peggy


Linda M. said...

Thank you posting on my site, Peggie.

I am an xray tech and work in an ortho office. It is nice to finally find the right doctor to fix your foot problem.


jenstamps said...

So glad to hear the numbness is gone and you are on the road to healing! {{{Hugs}}}

DEBBY said...

Great to know the foot is doing better!