Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day is almost over....... whine......

Oh I hate to see this long nice weekend come to an end. Back to work for us tomorrow. I was so busy all weekend that mine just flew by. I treated myself to a deep tissue massage on last Friday. Well, I SAY TREATED.... She about killed me in the shoulder area that was hurting so badly! By Saturday I could barely lift my coffee cup to drink from it. OH MY! Sunday it felt a little better, and today it is feeling much better. I know tomorrow answering the phones at work will probably put it right back into the shape it was in to begin with! ugh.

I finished up my design layout work for Simply Sentiments. Boxed it up and to the post office I went on Saturday bright and early! Always feels so good to get it mailed off and know you can then CLEAN your crafting room up finally! Mine seems to stay a mess until the issue's work is done! Back to a clean slate again! I managed to also finish up my card club card preps which I've posted already and my ATC card too.

This will be a short week for us. We will work Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday afternoon we will both leave work early and fly to Virginia. We will get to stay with our Son, DIL, and Grandson. Ayden turns 3 while we are there so will get to celebrate his birthday too! Everyone enjoy your week!

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