Monday, November 16, 2009

Wish Big.......

My hubby's birthday is coming up in December. I ran across this funny image way back months ago. So I've kept it hidden waiting for the time to use it! LOL... I had the giggles trying to make it and not hear me laughing..... I love funny birthday cards! Just a lot of scraps for the card...... Nestibililties for the blossom in yellow..... copics for coloring, SU sentiment. fun fun.... enjoy.........

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Debby said...

Hi Peggy,great card for Bob.
just wanted yo to know that
I spilled my coffee cup on the laptop so now I have no laptop.I could kill myself for that.
Im writing from Elad's room but this is so slow can't stand it.Just wanted you to know if I disappear,lolI realized I didn't have your e-mail on this computer and I can't get into cuppas either so the only way for me to write you was from my blog where I have the link to your blog .Please let Cora know too cause I don't have any e-mails now.
I'll try to keep you updated as soon as I can.