Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Sunday

I just about feel like I've lost my Mojo.... Being off from crafting since the first of June has about killed me worse than my back! I am still trying to get better, and I've had several procedures done to the back. Nothing so far has been helping. I will see the surgeon again next Friday week. I think he may be leaning towards Surgery #2.... We only fixed HALF of the problem. The next sugery would involve placing rods and screws in the back as well. Not what I'm hoping for. The daily pain is not fun either.

I've been also working ever so slowly on some things for a fall class I still hope to have. Trying to do the prepping all alone and it has not gone fast at all. grrrrr. But still plugging away.

Boy was the weather hot again this weekend with high humidity. The pool felt great and thankful we have it. That is one relaxation I'm able to do without the back brace on.

Take care..... I've really enjoyed everyone's blogs. That keeps me going...... hugs.....

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Amy said...

Hello Ms's been WAY too long! Surgery #2 doesn't sound pleasant...ugh! If it fixes the whole problem then it would be worth it for sure! Right now for me, I don't think life could get any busier! Take care!