Friday, June 26, 2009


It has been forever since I've been able to post or make cards. Some of you know I've been away due to back surgery. I am still trying to get well and better. But it has been very slow. If I sit or stand too long at a time my back really hurts me. And laying in bed also hurts. So not a happy medium to be found yet. But each day I hope things keep improving. I will be facing PT soon if it doesn't improve. And then another surgery to repair even yet two more disks if things aren't pain free. So please keep me in your prayers.
Thank you to everyone that has mailed me get well cards. I have really treasured them all. Thanks you so much. They really made me smile! Big hugs to you all.

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Linda said...

Hi Peggy!!
I was wondering what you had been up to lately. Sure hope that each day is a little better and your back heals so you have no more pain.
((hugs))Take Care!!