Thursday, December 4, 2008

My friend, Marsha from left me with a new blog award. Marsha and I share a love with Magnolia, Sarah Kay, Rachelle Ann Miller's stamps. Well, that is just to say a FEW of our favorites..... She's been a sweetheart to me and I love her to death! The kindness she has shown goes above and beyond friendship! Marsha's creations are gorgeous and I hope you will pay her a visit. We love to chat about our grands! She's one special friend!

Here are the rules:the winner may put the logo on their blog;put a link back to the person that sent you the award;nominate 5 blogs;put links to their blogs;leave a message for your nominee.

Wow, how hard it is to pick only 5 blogs! I've visited so many that truly inspire me and I could nominate all that Marsha chose again, but I'll try and pic 5 new ones that I truly love. So here are my selections:
Debby ..... Debby has been a wonderful friend. We write DAILY more times than one to each other. I've grown to know her family as well. She is a dear and true friend to me. I love that about her. Her crafting work is beautiful. I hope you will stop by and visit with her.
Melissa Phillips ......Melissa is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE blogs to watch. Her talent is among the BEST! She shares great recipes too on her blog! :) yum!
Laurie...... a different blog to follow and her TALENTS are amazing. I love her crafting that is not just for cards! Fun blog.
Clarissa ....... Clarissa is a dear friend to me too. I love her long emails. She and I were in a swap on CC's and met. It was so easy to write to her and it was like we'd known each other for life. Her designs are just beautiful. That girl has TALENT! Hope you'll visit her blog.
Elaine ......Elaine and I grew close when we designed for Simply Sentiments. She is such a gifted crafter. She can just take ANYTHING and alter it to dazzle you! I love all her baby cards and craft creations. VERY TALENTED!

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Debby said...

Thanks Peggy so sweet of you!!