Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This past Friday my friend, Bonnie and I left at 3:00 AM heading to Houston area for a stamp expo! I know you are already saying....3:00 AM? Well, we wanted to arrrive in Houston early enough to also shop all day too. We stopped in Lumberton, TX and picked up my dear friend, Cynthia. Next the three of us had a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Cynthia took us over to a SU demonstrator's house for a yard sale that was going on and every $1 we spent on the yard sale that was FREE $$$$ towards using in the catalog. Well, we hit it hard! :) Leaving there we headed to Dayton next to visit with Charlotte who had planned to go wtih us, and wasn't able to at the last minute. She had fresh cold Peach Ice Tea and Brownies waiting for our arrival. yum! She is the best host. And we toured around the house with our tongues hanging out in envy! She can really decorate! Back into the car we piled and headed now for Houston..... At the outskirts of Houston's downtown, Bonnie closes her eyes, Cynthia is digging in her purse for the hotel's phone number and of course YOURS TRUELY is not in the correct lane and we MISS our turn off onto the next interstate. boo hoo..... So finally we are turned around and all is better. Our next stop was at Archivers. Oh my --- this was my first time to shop in one. And I had a field day! :) Later we met the others then for dinner out at a Mexican place. Then we headed over to yet another LSS and shopped till they were closing!
Saturday the expo started at 9:00 and we were a sight. Bags in had and ready to go! It was lots of fun and we all spent way more than we should at our crafting passion!
Saturday night Cynthia, Bonnie, and I ate at Olive Garden and it was WONDERFUL! When we arrived back to the hotel we unloaded our loot and one by one we showed what we'd found that day shopping! Then back to the expo again on Sunday morning for only a couple of hours. Next it was time to say our goodbyes.... It was such a fun expo. Now to remember all the techniques for all the stuff I bought... hummmmmmm


Claudia Rosa said...

gosh.. i looove this picture.
you all look like you are such a fabulous group of ladies.
i wished i could have joined in.

thanks peggie for your nice email yesterday.


DEBBY said...

what a fun adventure .Wish I was there with you.Nice picture of you all.
Peggy I left you a little award on my blog.

Vicki said...

It was great getting to meet you all. I had a great time getting to be with Cyn and Robbi again. (great friends!) Thanks for letting me crash the party!