Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have a new challenge to fulfil~

I was challenged by Debby for this.

1. Write down 5 links from your previous blog posts. The links should somehow be connected to the themes below.

FAMILY ---My grandson, Ayden certainly does steal my heart away. So the valentine I made for him came from the heart! The live in Virginia since our son is military. Not easy on a Nana to have her grandbaby so far away! No matter how hard I try, he hates talking on the telephone. Must me a GUY THING! LOL

FRIENDSHIP ---A sad card to make was one for Sue when her little dogs were attacked by a huge dog that broke into their house. Several of her dogs died from the horrible attack. Only one survived the ordeal. I sent her a card telling her I was thinking about her!

LOVE ---My valentine for my husband, Bob. This year we will have been married for 36 years. We were high school sweethearts!

WHATEVER ---I had a ball making Kimbo's birthday card for today.... A coworker that was turning 27 and is constantly worried about her appearance since she is SINGLE!!!! She got the biggest laugh out of the card and we all had a great time signing the inside of her card too!

ABOUT ME ---Having a fun time taking a photo with Ellie Mae from the Beverly Hillbillies! A patient of ours from work when she is in town visiting family! She is such a nice lady!

2. Now you challenge 5 other bloggers to do the same. Try to find two new acquaintances here, this way you can get to know them better. I challenge:

1. mamajoy -- Joyce
2. mustangsarah

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